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The Institute is committed to promoting the work of thinkers whose work addresses issues of meaning, complexity, and evolution for a world poised between breakdown and breakthrough. 

Gurdjieff for a Time Between Worlds
Layman Pascal

The radical 20th-century Armenian spiritual philosopher G. I. Gurdjieff is still largely unknown within leading-edge developmental, transformational, and regenerative communities. His profound teachings, unusual writing style, and sheer force of character are famously unique in the annals of human wisdom. Was this man a proto-metamodern prophet? Did he use transrational, mythopoetic, and sincerely ironic communication to help incept and prepare a planetary-scale shamanic resurgence of existential understanding for the post-pluralist Epoch of the Metacrisis? Yes and no. Obviously. In this collection of diverse and humorous micro-essays, the spiritual teacher, philosopher, and cultural activist Layman Pascal takes us on a wild intellectual rollercoaster ride with one of history’s most enduringly relevant and cryptic sages.  


Gurdjieff for a Time Between Worlds is a unique literary and philosophical object that simultaneously addresses three types of readers. Participants in today’s new thought and new culture networks will find herein a deep, entertaining, and unique introduction to Gurdjieff’s life, mission, teachings, and writing styles. Students and fans of Layman Pascal will discover a rich autobiographical document with crystallized versions of many of his particular suggestions for inner developmental practice. And people already steeped in the lore or the living tradition of Gurdjieff will encounter a fresh and very personal take on many of the quintessential modules of his wisdom-teaching.

The Evolution of Meaning
A Universal Learning Process

Brendan Graham Dempsey

In this first volume of his book series The Evolution of Meaning, Dempsey introduces a theory of meaning based in thermodynamics and information processing. If the acquisition of meaningful information is what aids the viability of entities in context, we can appreciate evolution through cosmic complexification as a learning process. Tracking the trajectory of this learning process through the emergent levels of Matter, Life, Mind, and Culture, we see how meaning takes on new shades of depth and informational richness across scales. By the time we reach the domain of human culture, we can recognize notions of meaning, value, and the sacred as extensions of more fundamental processes on which they are based but to which they cannot be reduced. This framework allows us to situate human meaning-making within its broader evolutionary context and will inform the attempt in future volumes to track the complexification of such meanings across human history.


Coming June 2024...

More Soon...

The Unified Theory of Knowledge
Gregg Henriques

Coming September 2024...

More Soon...

Imaginal Religion
Will Franks

Coming December 2024...

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